No, Really?

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A recent conversation (paraphrased) with Matt after I "forced" him to read Little Brother

M: This book is for 14-year-olds, and there's actual sex in it!
S: So? I was reading romance novels when I was 11
M: Yeah, well you're weird.

This article from the Guardian seems especially relevant: Children Know Which Books They're Old Enough For [via Ypulse]

p.s. Little Brother is available in a library near you, and as a free PDF from Doctorow's website


TadMack said...

And now HE'S weird too. Has he thought about that?

Sara said...


The best part though, was when we were watching tv recently, and a commercial said something about "don't trust anyone over 90" and we both burst out laughing because of Little Brother (and if you haven't read it yet, you absolutely should!). So, I'm slowing bringing him over to our side.

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