VBPL 2.0 -- Finished!!!!

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And yes, the picture is a bit random*

But, we've finally come to the end of the Learning 2.0 challenge. We've been asked, as a final post, to comment on what we've learned and how we would improve the program.

While I didn't really learn anything new about web 2.0 technologies, what I did learn was why they are important. I had always thought that they were fun, and might save me some time (or waste some), but I really hadn't realized how important this collaboration could be.

I saw, by reading blogs of my co-workers, how blogging can be an equalizer -- I could read the blogs of Library Supervisors or Managers, or the blogs of our clerks, and (because so many of us were blogging anonymously), not even know which was which. I was able to help co-workers with little things (like uploading pictures, or creating hyperlinks), as they had previously taught me how to trap holds and process new books. Now, imagine trying this with our customers -- I'm sure they have a lot to teach us.

There are things I would improve, however:

First, many of the tools we were learning about are, of course, great for creating information and sharing it with others -- but they are also wonderful tools for finding information. If one simply posts a picture on flickr and tags it, they are missing most of what is so wonderful about flickr.** And, as people who are in the business of finding information, it would have been nice to have more of an emphasis on that.

Second, these tools are also simply a tiny example of all of the tools out there. So, rather than spending a week learning about MySpace -- perhaps we should have been learning about Social Networking Sites in general. (I did give Facebook tours for several co-workers -- and got at least one of them hooked). And there are others -- for more niche groups -- I am also a member of Ravelry (a social network for knitters). Similarly, LibraryThing is only one of many sites for cataloging one's media collection, and it would have been nice to see the other sites mentioned at the very least.

And I know, there was probably a concern that this might be too much information for all of us, but this technology is evolving very quickly, and knowing the types of services (rather than just specific ones) would be very useful.

But, that being said -- if a similar training was offered again, I would definitely participate (and not just because of the reward!)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled reviews!

*as was the one on the last post.

**speaking of the wonderfulness of flickr -- the Library of Congress has just added over 3000 pictures -- and now we have to tag them!


Josie Bergstrom said...

Sara, maybe you could tell us about some of the other sites for cataloging media like Library Thing...I now about Shelfari, but I would love to find a similar site for movies. Thanks! Josie

Virtual Librarian said...

Congrats! You completed 30 things, collaborated with peers and evolved as a lifelong learner.

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