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You may recall that last month, I posted about my love of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, and how excited I was that she was coming here to my library system for National Library week.

So, I had intended to post some pictures from her talk , and then our internet filtering began, and I couldn't get on Flickr at work.... but anyway... without further ado:

Her talk was, of course, wonderfully funny and interesting. And, for a wee little bit of gossip: she did mention something about a possible graphic novel deal in the works....


Brian Mandabach said...

I love that robe or dress or top(can't tell with that lecturn in the way) she's wearing in the first two pictures! I also like the way she looks--very friendly and open.

Those old filters are getting a lot of people down lately.

Jackie said...

Dude. Still Envious. And a graphic novel?! Be still the beating heart!

Sara said...

Brian -- thanks for the comment! And yes, she was very friendly and approachable.

Jackie -- I know... so exciting. Did you know that she wrote comics for Disney???

Jessica said...

Wow Sara...I just found your blog...and I did not know you read Diana Galbadon (and got to meet her!)...I recently started reading her books and I LOVE them!

Hope all is well ;)

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