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Happy National Library Week!!!!!

And now, it's storytime.

The summer after I graduated from high school, my mom and I spent a week in Montreal.

It's a beautiful city, but the first night we were there, we were looking in a bookstore (that's just how we do things)... and I happened upon a display of a certain series of historical romances. They looked intriguing, so I picked one up... and this is what the rest of the trip looked like:

On a boat going down the river*... I was reading...

at the top of a mountain**... reading again...

I spent every minute of every subway, bus, boat, and train ride devouring these books, and somehow managed to read three whole 800+ page books in a week.

And you're probably wondering... what wonderful series of books am I talking about? Have you guessed it yet?

Outlander*** by Diana Gabaldon.

So, you can guess how happy, nay, how ecstatic I was to find out that Gabaldon herself is coming to my library system for National Library Week. Our library normally has an author come and give a talk, but usually, it's a local author, or someone who I've never heard of (which is probably more my fault than theirs, seeing as how I rarely read adult fiction).

*Please don't ask me what river, I clearly wasn't paying the least bit of attention

**Same goes for the mountain.

*** Granted, not technically YA books -- but as you can see from the pictures, I was clearly a teen when I read them (not that I look any older five years later)!


Jackie said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

I was totally consumed by these too!

I drove (this was prior to working in the library & the online catalog) to THREE different libraries in one day looking for the next book in the series. It didn't occur to me to call.

Sara said...

Hahaha... So I'm not the only one!

I had just started working at the library when the last book came out, and I didn't want to wait for my hold, so I spent my dinner break driving around trying to find a copy to buy (but, now I have a nice hardback that I can get signed tomorrow night!)

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