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8 things meme:

You all know the rules by now, right?

Since I've been tagged twice *...

1. When I find a new hobby, I can get very obsessed. My recent obsession: Genealogy. (previous hobbies obsessions include knitting, photo-editing, and earring-making). This could explain why I haven't been blogging very much lately.

2. I prefer to read books straight through, and I plan on doing so with the new Harry Potter when it comes out (though I might be willing to take a break for food... we'll see)

3. When I was in high school, my mom refused to get "that Internet thing" in our house, so I used to ride my bike to the library every Friday after school just to check my e-mail. Five miles each way! And then my mom thought I had a secret online boyfriend. ;)

4. I have over a hundred Snoopy stuffed animals. (see number 1). And I once got very bored, lined them all up, and took group photos.

5. When I was 5 or so, I liked to play "Library". My mom and I "cataloged" all my books (all 800 of them!) using our word-processor, and I made library cards for my dolls and stuffed animals.

6. My family was convinced that I was going to be a doctor because I liked reading books with sick people in them. Somehow they missed the whole book part of the equation. I even had a little apron that said "Doctor Sara." But hey, maybe I'll get a PhD...

7. I cannot stand Books about Talking Animals. Don't even get me started on Redwall.

8. Right now, I'm reading Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox (and yes, I know that's completely cheating, but it's really good and I'd rather read it than come up with an eighth thing)

*well, Jackie took her tag back... but I still think that counts.


Jackie said...

Oh sure, make me look bad! ;) lol

Little Willow said...

I made library cards for my stuffed animals and dolls as well as check-out cards and slips!!!

Sara said...

You mean I'm not the only one?!

Though, check-out cards and slips were a little before my time ;) (My school library had them though, so I know what you're talking about)

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