The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld

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So by now, you, my loyal (and possibly non-existent) readers, know that I have a thing for princess books, and for books about books, but I've also been reading quite a few books about musicians, or specifically music students. (Perhaps I should blame my boyfriend for this -- as he is in music school).

Of course, The Last Days by
Scott Westerfeld, is about more than just musicians. It is a companion to his earlier Peeps (note: companion -- NOT sequel, as it unfortunately says on the cover), and it is the story of five teenagers who form a band in a New York City that is being taken over by a parasite that turns its victims into vampires.

The story is told from the perspective of all 5 of the main characters, and while that definitely took some getting used to, it made it so the band was more of a main character, rather than each separate band member as a main character.

I've read all of Westerfeld's YA novels, and this was one of my favorites, so far. I'll definitely read whatever he comes out with next (I've heard some rumors about something about a zeppelin?)


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