The Beginning

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So, I'd been thinking for quite a while of creating a blog with reviews of all of the books I've been reading. I've even been writing reviews and blog entries in my head for the past couple weeks, but I never got around to actually doing this, until now.

In the end, this blog was sparked by a conversation with several of my coworkers. I work for one branch of a city library system, and I just found out that I'm being transferred to another library within the same system. And while I'm happy that I'll be at a library closer to my house, (and actually the library where I used to be a volunteer), I'm still really sad to be leaving. And what I'll miss the most will be all the conversations we have about the books we've been reading.
Everyday, when I get in to work, the first place I go is the staff holds shelf, to see what new books have come in for me, and to see what everyone else has on hold (to get ideas -- as if I actually needed more books to read).

Once, after a weekend off, I came in to find that a separate shelf had been labelled with my name because 15 books had come in for me all at once.

Another time, when a customer asked our youth librarian how she picks good books to read, she told her, half jokingly, that she looks at the holds shelf to see what I have on hold. (And of course, I've been known to do the same with her holds)

But of course, when everyone found out that I'm leaving, this sparked the question of how we could continue our book discussions. Someone suggested that I e-mail them lists of what I'm reading, I suggested just giving them my library card number so they could look at my account (I mean, who cares about privacy anyway?).

But then, I remembered that I'd been thinking about starting a blog, and so, this seemed the perfect time... so, here it is!


Anonymous said...

See, and now we have to do the EXTRA work of looking in your account when we want to know what you're reading. Darn you, Sara, for giving us more work to do!

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