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VBPL 2.0 -- Flickr

I've been using flickr for some time now, simply as an archive for my photos (which are also all backed up on CDs and an external hard drive -- perhaps I'm a little paranoid), I'm really only beginning to get into the social aspects of it (tagging, commenting, etc), and still have almost all of my photos set as private. I also love having access to most of my pictures (I still haven't finished uploading all of them) from any computer -- so that I can easily add them to blog posts (I added the above picture because tomorrow is my 23rd birthday)
I have, however, found it a wonderful tool for creative inspiration as well-- I subscribe to the RSS feeds for several photo pools, including the Free Pattern Links Photo Pool (knitting patterns, mostly), and the Vintage Embroidery Patterns Pool (I'm just getting into embroidery). What I think is interesting is how different communities (crafters, geeks, etc), have figured out ways to use this technology to share information that is best communicated visually -- and I'm sure that those of us in libraries can find a way to do this as well.
(picture taken by my mother -- 1/9/87)


HBB said...

I love your blog. It is so colorful and well organized!

I too have had a lot of fun using Fliker. You know how many pug pics I have, so it is great being able to organize them. I too am still getting used to using tags and have most things set as private!

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