VBPL 2.0 -- Libraries and Wikis

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For Week 6 of Learning 2.0, we have been exploring Wikis and how they could be used in libraries, and specifically for Reader's Advisory.

Since I'm already behind, I'll make this short -- Wikis can be useful for everything from program planning to team collaboration to reader's advisory. But, because the content is user-created, they are only as useful and helpful as we make them.*

As an example, our system's reader's advisory team has created a wiki, and as part of our assignment, we were asked to add one title to the list of staff-picks. So, now, on our wiki, we have this long seemingly-random list of our favorite titles (if you're curious, mine was Life as We Knew It), which no one will ever be able to use. If the titles were arranged by genre or into other themed lists, this could actually be a great resource for staff and customers alike.

Finally, I thought some of you might enjoy this definition of "librarian" from the Uncyclopedia (a Wikipedia parody)**

*Apparently, I'm in a mood for italics...

**Thanks Kathryn!


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