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This is why I haven't been blogging:

I've rediscovered knitting. You see, I learned to knit when I was about 7, and every winter, I'd bring out the needles and knit a few little squares, or maybe a doll scarf or something little. One time in high school, I did try to knit myself a sweater, but eventually I realized that I'd probably never ever wear a sweater with green and purple stripes. Then, when I got to college, I knit a whole bunch of little squares that were supposed to turn into a blanket. And I made a couple scarves for myself. But I never made anything complicated, nothing that involved increases or decreases or, gasp, following a pattern.

And then, I started working at the library. This was my downfall. I'd be wandering through the stacks looking for customers in need of assistance, and I'd just happen to walk past the knitting books. So I'd stop and look at one or two. And one day I checked one out. One with lots of pictures and good explanations, and it all snowballed from there. (And then I discovered knitting blogs... )

And if you're curious -- both of the purse patterns are from Princess Philo and the fingerless gloves are from Knitty (though I added two extra repeats of the cable pattern -- one in the wrist and one on the fingers -- to make them longer).

But I have been reading, and I promise you'll see at least one new review this week!


LindsayDayton said...

You go! I actually broke down and bought a bookstand so that I could indulge both of my obsessions at the same time!

Aren't knitting blogs the best?

Sara said...

Wow! I hadn't even thought of that option. I have been listening to audiobooks though! :)

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