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Sorry about the recent lack of posts… but I do have good excuses:

  1. The library system that I work for has decided to restrict our access to certain websites, mostly for adult content, etc. I figured this wouldn’t be a big deal, but somehow I didn’t realize that the part about “personal network storage” would include Google Docs (which I use to write all of my blog posts). And while I know I could just use blogger (but it always messes up my formatting and then I have to edit the html), or do like I’m doing now and use Microsoft Word, Google Docs was just so much more convenient. (But they're working on it as we speak)

  1. So I was driving home from work Monday night when I noticed a strange smell. The car driving along next to me looked older than mine, so I figured it was the source of the smell. Then, I was stopped at a light, and I noticed a cloud of smoke coming from the back of my car. And I figured it was the car behind me. Serious denial, I know. I just happened to look down at the temperature gauge, and what do you know, my car was seriously overheating. Turns out, part of the radiator had split open, so it needed to be replaced. (And this just a week after buying a full new set of tires and replacing two axles. Arg!)

  1. I’m going up to NY again this weekend, so I’ve been spending all my free time packing and planning and baking and learning that when you put wax paper in the oven, it melts (don't ask.)

But I have been reading… so reviews should be posted shortly!


Little Willow said...

Sending you plenty of good transportation, internet, and general vibes.

Sara said...

thanks for the good vibes...

the car is doing fine now, and they're still working on unrestricting our internet access (basically our IT department is trying to take over the city, and we're rebelling. fun.)

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