The Unresolved by T. K. Welsh

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The Unresolved by T. K. Welsh

You know you're way behind on reviews when you look at your google documents and see that some of the posts were "last edited*" 6 weeks ago. (And when I say "you", I really mean "I").

So, I must apologize for my recent lack of reviews. I could blame my boyfriend (especially since I know he'll never read this), for being at home on winter break and distracting me, (and now he's back at school -- over three hundred miles away -- sob!), but I was perfectly willing to be distracted, so I have to take some of the blame.

But, back on topic -- The UnResolved is the story of one of the greatest disasters in New York City History (which oddly, I'd never heard of), a fire aboard the General Slocum.

Welsh chooses to tell this story through the ghost of one of the victims, a 15 year-old girl named Mallory Meer. We see the grief of her family and friends, and we see the attempts to find justice for the victims (both an official inquest, and a second community one).

While this could have easily become a rather depressing novel -- the ending is hopeful (though I won't give anything away here).

*"Last edited" in this case means "created links and posted a picture of the cover and planned to do everything else later"


Jen Robinson said...

Welcome back, Sara! If it makes you feel better, I have a list of about 8 titles, including this one, that I intend to review, and I haven't found time to go back and write the reviews either.

Sara said...

Thanks Jen! I'm not sure how much better it makes me feel -- since I think my list is at least 15 titles long (ahhh!)....

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