Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

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This meme has been circulating in the kidlitosphere and librariosphere (is there such a thing?) -- so here it is -- 5 things you probably don't know about me:

1. I've been reading since I was two, so I don't remember learning to read at all, and one of my biggest fears is that when I have children (not for at least another 6 years, I hope!), I won't know how to teach them to read.

2. Fifth Grade was my first odd-numbered grade -- I skipped first and third because I went to a private school so small that some of the classes were combined, and I could, you know, read already -- and then I transferred to public school and they made me repeat fourth grade because I was only 8!

3. Yesterday was my 22nd birthday; I worked 11 hours (3 at one library, 8 at another), and I didn't tell anyone at either library that it was my birthday!

4. My TV is in a box on the back porch, and we only take it out to watch the Olympics or when there's a hurricane -- but I love to check out British TV series from the library and watch them on my computer (I highly recommend Footballers Wives -- it's like a British version of Desperate Housewives)

5. I still live with my mom -- and I pay my rent by doing graphic design stuff for her. She's illustrated one book -- see this article -- and is working on another -- which involves me doing a lot of scanning, color editing, and printing. I'm still working on convincing her to let me make her a website.


Laura said...

Actually, we call it the biblioblogosphere ; )

Jen Robinson said...

A belated happy birthday, Sara! I don't really think that you have to worry about being able to teach your kids to read. You read so much that they'll simply pick it up by osmosis.

Sara said...

Ooh... the biblioblogosphere -- I'll have to add that to my vocabulary!

And thanks for the birthday wishes Jen!

Little Willow said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry that you had a long workday, but I hope that you managed to have some fun.

I started reading at 2 and skipped grades in school as well.

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