Bad Kitty by Michelle Jaffe

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Bad Kitty by Michelle Jaffe

Jasmine Callihan has been obsessed with forensics since she was six. She knows how to dust for fingerprints using various types of make-up, and she has a set of three amazing side-kicks in her best friends Roxy, Polly, Tom (who all have their own special talents).

When a little boy and his cat suddenly get her involved in a possible mystery, and the cute guy who keeps turning up everywhere might be a suspect, Jas just can't help but try to solve the case (even if her father might ground her for life). Celebrities, Las Vegas hotels... it's easy to imagine what chaos will ensue.

A very cute, and slightly over-the-top mystery, this one will appeal to fans of Meg Cabot (and maybe even fans of Janet Evanovich).


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