Just in Case by Meg Rosoff

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Since I loved How I Live Now, I was very excited to hear that Meg Rosoff had a new book coming out, and Just in Case definitely did not disappoint.

David Case finds his baby brother about to fall off a window ledge, and, deciding that fate has it out for him, he changes his identity, becoming Justin Case (get it?). He meets Agnes, a 19 year old photographer, who wants him to become a model, and he falls into an obsessive love with her. The story that follows is the story of either his nervous breakdown, or of fate actually conspiring against him -- or both. In some short passages, fate actually narrates, telling the reader how much fun it is to play with David/Justin.

I enjoyed this at least as much as How I Live Now -- and it is definitely going on my list of books that I would be happy to see on the Printz honor list this year.


Anonymous said...

The name of the 19 year old girl justin/david falls in love with is agnus not angela. :)

Sara said...

Thanks! I'll correct that. The funny thing is, that when I forget character's names, I often look at the descriptions on Amazon to remind myself, and oddly, the description there says Angela.

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