An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

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Okay, this review has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost a month -- I just love this book so much that I felt I really needed to do it justice -- but I have other books to review (and to read -- it's like Christmas every day with these Cybils review copies arriving on my doorstep)

I absolutely adored John Green's Looking for Alaska (last year's Printz award winner -- if you haven't read it yet, see here for John Green's photo essay about winning the award-- this actually made me want to read the book), so I was very, very excited when I heard about An Abundance of Katherines.

It definitely did not disappoint. Katherines is a very different novel from Alaska, much more lighthearted and fun (and possibly not quite as deep or profound, but that was okay with me).

It might also help that on the acknowledgement page, Green actually thanks librarians!

Colin Singleton is an 18-year-old child prodigy who speaks many languages and has a talent for anagramming. He has been dumped 19 times by girls named Katherine (not Catherine or Kathryn). After K-19 dumps him, he and Hassan (his slighty pudgy, Judge-Judy-obsessed best friend) set out on a road trip. They end up in a small town in Tennessee, where they meet Lindsey Lee Wells (who, incidently, is dating a boy named Colin). Colin, in a flash of inspiration, comes up with the idea to create a formula that can predict the outcome of any relationship. (Note to readers -- knowledge or understanding of math is not at all required in order to enjoy the book).

I could say a lot more -- but basically -- read it -- I promise you'll laugh!

Also... read "The Approximate Cost of Loving Caroline" -- Green's short story in the collection Twice Told -- I was reading this story while hanging out with my boyfriend (who was reading some epic fantasy novel, as usual), and I kept annoying him by interrupting and reading lines from the story -- it was just that awesome.


Jenne said...

I got the ARC of this one at the ALA conference in New Orleans and it was the first book I read on the way home. I loved it. John Green is definitely a favorite of mine, and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

Anonymous said...

John green is a fantastic writer as I'm sure you well know. John's 3rd book is coming out next year and is called Paper Towns.....If you are intersted in keeping up with what John is doing I would recommend you checking out the Vblog he and his brother are doing at, its amazing and funny......If you already know about it than great but if not than heres your chance

Sara said...

Thanks for the tip -- I do know about (and love) the vlog :)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward for the next book he is going to release. I read Looking for Alaska and I fell in love with it. Weeks after I read An Abundance of Katherines and adored it. So now I have quite high expectations for the next book. I can't wait!

Sara said...

me too! And it looks like his next book should be coming out sometime in 2008 (his website seems to be having some problems, so I can't find an exact date, but for some reason I was thinking March -- though I could be completely wrong)

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