Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements

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I read a review recently of Things Hoped For by Andrew Clements, and it sounded really interesting -- but since I tend to be a bit obsessive about reading things in order -- I had to read Things not Seen first -- and it was definitely worth the read.

Bobby Phillips is a relatively average high-school student who wakes up one morning and realizes that he is invisible. For the rest of the novel, he deals with his invisibility and tries to find a way to reverse it.

The premise, while not at all realistic, could have made this simply a light, fun, humorous book, but Clements turns it into something more. It becomes, instead, a story about relationships: the one Bobby has with his parents, and his budding friendship with Alicia (a blind girl he meets at the library after he becomes invisible). This is, really, the story of Bobby's coming-of-age, of his learning to really "see" and understand the world around him.


Anonymous said...

i love those books. things not seen has been my favorite book for 3 years now, but coming close now is Twiglight. i recomend it. :)

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