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The Uncommon Reader

by Alan Bennett

Before I worked in a library, I used to go every week or so, roam the stacks, and check out anything that looked interesting.

Now that I work here, I always have books waiting for me on my holds shelf (thus the title of this blog), and more books checked out and sitting in a large basket at home, and I very rarely just pick something up from the library stacks. The Uncommon Reader, however, was an exception. I was checking in books from the bookdrop, and it caught my attention, in part because it happens to be written by Alan Bennett, author of The History Boys.

The basic premise is this: One morning, the Queen of England is walking her dogs, when come upon a bookmobile. Feeling that it would be rude to do otherwise, the Queen checks out a book. And of course, once she starts reading, she just can't stop (we all know how this is, right), and it begins to take a toll on her kingdom.

A very witty look at reading and how it can transform One's life, this little novella will be enjoyed by bookish adults and teens* alike.

If you haven't seen The History Boys (also by Alan Bennett), you must... the following clip will give you a taste of its brillance (and hilarity).

*not specifically a teen book, but there's definitely nothing objectionable, either.


Brian Mandabach said...

Thanks Sara! I'll have to check this one out.

And Happy Birthday!

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