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And one more -- though this one is in español:

According to El Pais (one of the two major newspapers in Spain):

"Los niños y jóvenes adictos a Internet son los que más libros leen, los que más van a las bibliotecas; los blogueros usan un léxico más rico que el de muchos ensayos e informativos de radio y televisión. Dos afirmaciones contrarias a los anuncios apocalípticos que han acompañado desde su nacimiento a este avance tecnológico que rompió barreras en el tiempo y el espacio."

To translate (more or less):

"The children and teens who are addicted to the Internet are those that read the most books, those that go to the library the most. The bloggers use a language that is more rich than that of many essays and reports on the radio and on Television. These two affirmations are contrary to the apocalyptic predictions that have accompanied the birth of these technological advances that break barriers of time and space. "

Thanks to Literatura infantil y juvenil actual for the link*!

And while we're on the subject of Spain -- for your viewing pleasure (and because I can't bring myself to write two entries in a row without pictures): my favorite city in the whole world...


*And if any of you know of any Spanish blogs on children's or YA lit, can you let me know in the comments?


Mitali Perkins said...


Thanks for stopping by the Fire Escape. Yes, you may have an ARC of First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover. Send me your snail mail address to info (at) mitaliperkins.com.



**mUmIx** said...

Well... I completely agree with that text, for obvious reasons: when you are surfing the web you are forced to read what's on your screen, and whatever that is, it promotes the attitude of reading. And bloggers are people who like writting, and you can't like writting and not reading.

Anyway... verry interesting blog, I may stop by every now and then.

Sara said...

You're right, it does seem really obvious (to us anyway)... but there with so many people claiming that the internet will be the "death of books" and that libraries will cease to exist... it's nice to see actual research that proves the opposite.

Glad you're enjoying my blog. Stop by any time :)

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