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You begged, and you pleaded... okay no, you really just googled*... but because it won the first annual Cybils award (YA), and because I loved it, here are a few of my favorite quotes from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan):

"You haven't missed me for one fucking minute. You have never for one single second in your entire pathetic life missed me. You might have missed fucking with my head, and you might have missed the satisfaction you so clearly got from demolishing me, but those are your emotions you're missing, not mine. I'm afraid I can't help you" ( Norah telling off her ex, p. 40).

"I'm on a date with a good guy and I've given him more mixed signals than a dyslexic Morse code operator" (Norah 57).

"I know you probably think I'm a horrid bitch from the planet Schizophrenia, but I"m honestly not trying to mess with your head. I"m just messing with my own head and i seem to have dragged you along for the ride. I think you're nice to me and that scares the fuck out of me. Because when a guy's a jerk or an asshole, it's easier because you know exactly where you stand. Since trust isn't an option, you don't have to get all freaked out about maybe having to trust him. Right now I am thinking about ten things at the same time, and at least four of those things have to do with you" (Norah 63).

"I don't know if Nick and I are going to friends or lovers or if he's going to Will and I'm going to be Grace, which will be disappointing along with boring, but whatever Nick and I are going to be to each other, it can't be -- it won't be -- just a one-night-stand thing. I know this" (Norah 155).

"I open my mouth and she opens her mouth and it's like she's breathing right through me. And her body is wet and it's right against mine and I want, I want, I want... I want, I want, I want." ( Nick 157)

It would have been incredibly easy to simply quote the entire novel -- the writing is that good, but I have a feeling that would probably be a copyright violation. But, if you're looking for more quotes, check out some other reviews (like Jen Robinson's)

Update (10/4/08): I posted a few more quotes and some recommended reads in honor of the release of the movie!

*Seriously, one of the most frequent searches that I see on my blog's statcounter is "quotes nick and norah's infinite playlist."


amy said...

Read this book based on this rec! Thanks. Loved it. One thing I love about YA books is if they're THAT good, they can keep me up past midnight, but not all night, so I can still function with full energy in my classroom the next day.

Sara said...

You have no idea how happy that makes me.

And I know exactly what you mean about the length of YA books -- I love that I can read them in one sitting (or on a series of 15 minute breaks from work)

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