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Goy Crazy by Melissa Schorr

Rachel Lowenstein is at a hotel for her younger brother's bar mitzvah, and not very happy about it, when she happens to meet Luke Christiansen. And she falls head-over-heels in "love".

The problem? Luke happens to be Catholic (does the name perhaps give that away?) and attends St. Joseph's Prep School.

Rachel, believing that her parents (and grandmother) would never approve of her dating a "goy," starts seeing him secretly. Instead, she tells her parents that she is going to the dance with Howard (the nice Jewish boy next door who is actually just giving her and Luke a ride)

While a bit predictable, this novel is pure fun. I mean, as soon as Schorr even mentioned Howard, I was pretty sure how it would all turn out. But it was fun getting there, nevertheless.

One little gripe, however -- the cover. It looks like a page out of yearbook, with Rachel and Luke next to each other which makes no sense because 1. yearbooks are usually in alphabetical order, and 2. they don't even go to the same school!


Little Willow said...

SUCH a cute book. Not only that, but longer than your typical rom-com, and more thoughtful!

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