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You may have noticed that I sort of disappeared over the weekend -- this is where I was:

Downtown Manhattan from the plane on the way there

The New York Public Library

Me in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

My boyfriend goes to school in New York, so I went to visit him, and I had such a good time. He even took me to bookstores -- and I got signed copies of Nick and Norah and The Book Thief at Books of Wonder!


Jen Robinson said...

Welcome back! I LOVE Books of Wonder (though living 3000 miles from New York, I don't get there very often). Way cool.

Anonymous said...

You should check out Strand, it's 18 miles of books. When my mom and I take the bus into the city, we always stop there. There's a ton of second-hand books for fairly cheap, but they also sell new ones and popular titles.

Sara said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I've actually been to Strand too... and I'm definitely going to have to go back.

(And if you haven't been to Books of Wonder... it's only a few blocks away from Strand, I think. I know we went to both of them in the same day)

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